Vizio tv power light blinking no picture

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I have a 55" vizio that when I connect it to the wall outlet, the vizio orange light flashes a lot of times and after a while it stays orange, I turn it on and the orange light turns to white but with no picture or sound. the whole screen is black.

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The Easiest Step To Fix Your TV: Power Cycling A Vizio TV. If your TV is not working the way you expect there are many different troubleshooting steps you could take to attempt to fix the problem. The simplest and easiest is to power cycle the TV. Power cycling is the simple…. Admin August 17, 2015.

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vizio M60-C3 power light keeps blinking no picture i have a old M60-C3 that this morning the power button keeps blinking but no picture im 99% sure its dead ive tried to unplug for a few minutes and plug it back in, after that sometimes it blinks once and turns off others it keeps blinking non stop.

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